What custom made furniture to choose?

What custom made furniture to chooseIn some situations we need furniture, designed especially for one function or for very specific needs, so we need furniture with specifications we want. In such cases, a classical furniture form showroom is not suitable, because it does not meet our needs and wishes. The best solution would be to order custom made furniture.

When to choose custom made furniture?
The main advantage of custom made furniture should be endurance, as such furniture is usually used by number of people. Custom made furniture is most commonly used in:

Custom made furniture

Custom made furniture When choosing furniture for their apartment, many people decide to have unique custom made furniture. Such decision has many advantages in comparison with classical furniture, which can be found in different furniture showrooms. The greatest advantage of unique furniture is that we can use it only for one room in our apartment, or equip the whole place with it. The only limit is our imagination!

Many furniture showrooms offer professional furniture designers, who measure your place and design exactly the piece of furniture you want. Their carpenters then create it following the unique plan and in a couple of weeks, your custom made furniture is ready to be built in to your apartment.

Another advantage of custom furniture is its adaptability regarding the costumer’s needs. Classical furniture in showrooms usually has fixed dimensions and so it is hard to adapt it for different places and conditions. Continue reading “Custom made furniture” »

Producing furniture

 Producing furniture Many of us never think about production of furniture we see in a showroom or we use in our home. Of course it is important, who made the furniture and in what way it was made. As in other areas, also furniture producers differ in materials, used for furniture production, and in quality of produced furniture.

Producing furniture – materials
When producing furniture, it is extremely important, that material, used for furniture, is suitable for furniture itself. For example, we must use water resistant materials in bathroom, in other case furniture would become moldy and we would have to replace it. In kitchen, we use materials, resistant to high temperatures and cleansers we use for cleaning.

We can see that materials, used for furniture production, really make a difference. Wrongly chosen materials can decrease furniture’s functionality and shorten its life. This means, that we would have to replace it more frequently and so we would also spend more money on it.

It is also very important, that furniture is made precisely and quality. Improperly constructed furniture can be made of the most quality materials, but still it can’t guarantee long time use and it will become damaged quickly. If we want to have quality furniture, constructor must consider different characteristics of materials he uses. Besides that, he must also know all reasonable combinations of materials he intends to use. Only with wide knowledge, the furniture producer can assure that his furniture is quality.

Slovenian furniture producers
Slovenia has many furniture producers, which are known for their quality products not only in Slovenia, but also in the rest of the world. Here are some of the best and most known Slovenian furniture producers:

All of them offer their customers products with guarantee. So we can choose quality furniture producers among many of them. Even though their products are a little more expensive than other on market, we must know that qualitoconstruction of their product will save more money in the long term.

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